Cutting Edge Marketing in the Trucking Industry

Commercial trucks are massive, powerful machines that are the cornerstone of most businesses that operates today.  Although large amounts of people rely on this industry, it seems as if it goes un-noticed in the eye of the public.  With a product that is used by many different people, one would assume that marketing these trucks would be any advertiser’s dream. Unfortunately, the trucking industry is lacking innovation and the drive to stay ahead of the game. It is an everyday struggle for the marketers of this industry to produce fresh, original content in a place that reaches the targeted market.  With the constantly changing landscape of advertising, and an industry that struggles to keep up with the times, we have set out to flip the script.

The trucking industry needs to adapt to the current advertising landscape, create updated content, and add the younger generation to their target market.  By using new technology such as DJI Phantom drones, cutting edge cameras, and advertising on new, digital marketing platforms, we are able to produce high quality films that capture the attention of highly targeted individuals.  This process ensures that innovative content reaches the right people and stays relevant with younger generations. 

MJ Reach understands that the future is in digital marketing, and we want to lead the way for the trucking industry.  Drone Technology has added a new dynamic to filming, and social media is quickly moving from a teen fad to the biggest platform in advertising.  It is our goal to help this industry take the leap into the future of digital media marketing and add an exciting, innovative feel to commercial trucks.

Social Media Marketing

Perhaps the greatest change to the communicative landscape over the past 15 years has been the shift to social media prominence in daily life. Approximately 30% of all time spent online is spent interacting on social media.  Even still, advertisers have not fully utilized the power social media marketing truly harnesses.

The primary goal for advertisers is to get their product or service in front of people who are likely to make a purchase.  Social media platforms aggregate and sort mountains of personalized data so that advertisers in any market can seek out those consumers who are likely to make purchases.  The targeting mechanisms brought to advertisers through Facebook, for example, allow one to narrow down a search beyond just the typical demographics, to specifically target consumers by their online behavior, their interests, and their proximity to being in the market for a given product.

Not only does Facebook (and other social media services like it) offer a much more highly detailed and selective method of targeting, they also do it at a much cheaper price tag than traditional advertising methods, which are now mostly out of touch with the average consumer, and particularly those consumers from the millennial generation.

Here is the CPM (“cost per mile” or cost per 1,000 views) breakdown for the various methods of advertising:

Newspaper: $32
Magazine: $20
Radio: $8
Television: $7
Google AdWords: $2.50
Facebook: $0.25

(source: Nuanced Media)

MJ Reach offers social media marketing services for business owners looking to get their products in front of a wide range of specifically-targeted social media users at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.  We have helped clients gain brand awareness, better their public relations, get more phone calls, and drive sales outcomes. Stop paying a premium for services that no longer work and begin dominating social media advertising by teaming up with MJ Reach today.

Drones in Advertising

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, drones buzzing around overhead. The world around us is quickly moving beyond the scope of what was once thought possible in the realm of technology.  This change is causing constant innovation in every industry; not just to stay ahead of the curve, but to stay relevant.  The retail apocalypse is upon us. Long standing business like Sears, J.C. Penny, Payless, RadioShack and hundreds more are closing their doors for good all because they were unable to adapt to the changing landscapes.  It is our job at MJ Reach to ensure this does not happen to your business.  As an advertising and marketing agency, we strive to develop with this innovation by taking advantage of the technology that has become available at the consumer level.

The advertising and marketing field is filled with creative and innovative players always looking to stay a step ahead.  One way we have managed to take advantage of the advancing technology is by incorporating the use of drones in our advertisements.  Ariel photographs, game-changing angles, and state-of -the-art videos have revolutionized the content we produce. These UAVs (Unmanned Ariel Vehicles) have given us the ability to create films and tell stories in a way that was never before possible.

With the strict rules the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has put in place, there has been some restriction in using the drones for commercial benefit.  In order to take advantage of the drones commercially, one must pass the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems test which involves understanding different aviation rules and regulations.  Receiving the certification is only the tip of the iceberg as you need to be able to operate these UAVs with precision and accuracy to ensure safety and in order to obtain quality video.

At MJ Reach, we have a certified team of professionals dedicated to filming and operating these drones. In order to create the best possible content, we use top of the line products from leaders in the industry. DJI is paving the way for drone technology and we take advantage of several of their products including the Phantom 4 Pro and the brand new Mavic.  Both of these UAVs have the ability to shoot video in 4k, giving us beautiful, crisp shots, every time.

With the recent innovation in drone technology and the lowering cost for video production, now is the time to create video content and tell stories about your product or business. At MJ Reach, we are able to help create affordable and stunning visual content to take your business to the next level.  Whether you are looking to stand out from your competition or give consumers a new perspective of what they are purchasing, drones are revolutionizing the way videos are made and changing the landscape of advertising. Hop on the train, or get left behind.

Social Media Marketing is Essential "Real Estate" for Agents

Facebook established itself as a change maker when it dramatically shifted the way human beings interact with one another. It ushered in the digital, online age of communication.

Now, it's making headway into dramatically changing the business and advertising environment. Facebook advertising is the most effective form of advertising available to entrepreneurs today. Despite some of the stereotypes surrounding it, this form of social advertising isn't limited to only a few markets. There are industries, such as clothing and online services, which have already skyrocketed return on ad spend by switching to social marketing methods, but businesses in every market could benefit from the power Facebook advertising harnesses.

Real estate is one such market. For years, realtors have tried to use various advertising methods to stick out from competitors. The question they're posed with is "what, beyond a listing on the MLS and on Realtor.com, is going to distinguish my properties to potential buyers?"

Post cards, blast emails, and cliché billboards are no longer going to do the trick. Facebook will.

On Facebook, realtors have the ability to identify their market. The commonplace, secondary advertising campaigns employed by realtors have been delivered to a wide net of potential clients, in hopes that someone bites. This type of "shout-to-the-void" advertising is no longer is catching many "fish" as realtors would like, and it's far too expensive to net positive returns.

So, what if a realtor could show his/her property, not only directly to those interested in purchasing, but to those who associate with characteristics that would make them likelier to buy a specific property.

What if realtors could market a 2/2 to first-time buyers with expectant mothers currently in the household and only spend money when people matching that description see the advertisement?

The answer: they can, through Facebook.

It's time for real estate agents to stop spending money that cuts into their wallets and start ensuring their advertising is optimized to help put money back into their pockets.

If you are a realtor and are interested in optimizing your advertising campaign with Facebook (and other digital advertising methods), feel free to contact MJ Reach today

Digital Marketing: From Luxury to Necessity

Advertising is in the midst of a ferocious rip tide. As traditional vendors of goods and services watch their profits get swept out to the sea of deficit, those who have embraced digital advertising are thriving in this hazardous ecosystem.

Social media has become the primary platform for marketers to create a network of consumers. Facebook itself has reached 2 billion users worldwide; the network is vast, the connections are carved, and user information can be shared instantaneously. What once was a craze among adolescents for sharing moments with friends has transformed into a necessity amongst marketers who wish to successfully promote their products and ultimately generate sales. Followers, Likes and Comments have superseded billboards, television commercials and newspaper ads.

As digital marketing shifts from a leisure time luxury to a necessary component of a marketing strategy, three vital factors emerge: brand recognition, increased conversion and decreased marketing costs.

Brand Recognition

Visibility is invaluable. Accessibility of content is easier now more than ever, but because of the growing number of social media users flooding the revolutionary application, it is imperative that your brand not only stands alone from competitors and provides exceptional content, but also leaves a lasting impression that conveys the story of your company’s purpose. Digital marketing via Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn expands the authority of your brand, particularly when your content influences your current followers to reach out to new, potential consumers about your product or service.

Increased Conversion

Opportunities are the chief catalyst in the realm of social media. The more prominent your social media presence (consistent posting of aesthetic content and interacting with other users), the more opportunities you create for conversion by potential consumers. Through social media, businesses are able to personify their brands by interacting with consumers, opposed to solely outbound marketing of their product, lacking customer communication. By doing so, a brand can significantly increase their conversion rates and effectively grow their business.

Decreased Marketing Costs

The most effective way in which a business can increase profits is to decrease costs. Facebook and Instagram advertisements are significantly cheaper than attempting to run an advertisement on a major television network such as ABC, CBS or FOX. However, the dollar amount is not the only cost of marketing, and may not even be the most essential. Time is arguably the most precious resource, and those who utilize digital marketing efficiently observe swifter results than companies that strictly practice traditional outbound marketing. The average daily media consumption per person via television has dwindled from 188 minutes in 2009 to 167 minutes in 2017, while the average daily media consumption per person via Internet has amplified from 48 minutes in 2009 to 149 minutes in 2017. The trend is clear; marketers who do not adapt to the shifting environment will find themselves sacrificing their resourceful cash flow while simultaneously reaching a reduced audience.

MJ Reach aims to focus on these vital factors as a digital media marketing company and aid business owners in expanded their opportunities and audience. Our team creates superb visual content that emphasizes the story behind your company while retaining relatively inexpensive advertising costs in order to give your business a comparative advantage over the competition.

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Automotive innovation has seen exponential growth that has drastically re-shaped the industry. Electric sedans shattering 0-60 mph records and vehicles slipping into an aircraft-like autopilot on the highway; the scenery surrounding the automotive market is swiftly evolving.

This shift in the automotive ecosystem has sent shockwaves throughout the marketing environment, and those dealerships who do not adjust their advertising strategy will be left in the rear-view mirror of consumers. Unrealistic product portrayals in television commercials and ancient, impotent billboards are defenseless against the digital media advertisements traveling through cyberspace, particularly via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

According to the 2017 State of Automotive Marketing report, the heaviest marketing priority of auto dealerships was conversion (the point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action). The key conversion for automotive dealerships is ultimately the act of converting a customer to a purchaser of a good or service. The advent of digital media marketing has provided an alternative, efficient method for improving conversion ratios while simultaneously reducing costs, and has solidified social media as the platform of the future for automotive advertising.

The services of MJ Reach propose a solution to the problems that confront automotive dealerships and their marketing tactics aimed at increasing conversion by the consumer. Our team provides quality digital media marketing services through the various social media platforms that serve to optimize our clients' advertising efforts and successfully grow their businesses, permitting them to thrive in the realm of digital advertising.

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Information resource

Aurous minerals, wheat, sugar, petroleum and plutonium; for the past century, these paramount resources have sat atop Mount Commodity. However, the New Millennium has introduced the population to a far more valuable asset: information. Herculean companies such as Microsoft, Alphabet, Apple, Amazon, and IBM are innovating their data-capturing methods as rapidly as their latest consumer products in order to capitalize on the fossil fuel of the digital era.

Information’s proliferating applications and global abundance are driving its value. As more data is extracted from websites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, along with smart devices such as mobile phones, televisions and even automobiles, those companies that effectively mine usable information can expand their scope and predict consumer patterns that forecast future decision-making.

The attentive acquisition of data, particularly by large technology firms, resembles a snowball rolling downhill in the Swiss Alps. As a result of absorbing and dissecting bulky quantities of data, a firm or website can fine-tune its product so that it attracts new consumers with similar interests, ultimately creating even more new, usable data. This compounding result originates from a phenomenon known as a network effect, whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it.

MJ Reach understands the significance of information and pattern recognition within sizeable quantities of data. Our team strives daily to utilize the avalanche of information gained within our network to optimize our digital media marketing service.

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